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We are specialized in High Quality Water Jet Cutting Jobs
mosaic design mosaic design marble sink hole marble sink hole
waterjet cut stone floor stone floor waterjet cut stone floor stone floor
waterjet cut metal what else can cut this metal design? waterjet cut sign sign cut with waterjet

We can cut any 2D design in sheet material. We have locations both in US and China

  • Our cutting envelope is 2m X 4m (or 72" x 144"), vertical adjustment is about 150mm or (6")
  • Thickness up to 50 mm (about 2 inches) for stainless steel is standard,
         thickness above 50mm is also achievable with a slower cutting speed.
  • Cut error is about +/- 0.1 mm (or 0.004"), .
  • Kerf size is about 0.8mm (or 0.03").

  • Water jet cutting advantages:
  • low cost -- water jet machining can be easy, faster, and quick trun around than many conventional cutting tools
  • versatile -- cut wide range materials, wood, plastic, glass, rubber, metal, ceramic tile, marblel, granite
  • cold cut -- waterjets produce no heat affected zone, usually no post process required
  • good edge-- waterjet cutting produces a smoother cross section and a narrower kerf without edge burrs
  • safe -- water jet cutter systems produce no environmentally unsafe by-products.
  • high accuracy -- CNC waterjet cutting enables repeatable cuts with high accuracy and repeatability

  • We have different table size waterjet cutters and a fully equipped support machine shop. Our waterjet machines use DXF file format. If you create the drawing with a CAD program please send DXF. If you use other formats, please contact us first at info@iwmwaterjet.com. Files must be Microsoft Windows format. We welcome all project sizes from prototype to high volume production. We do both water and abrasive jet cutting services.

    It never hurts to make an extra call to us and ask a quote about
    your waterjet jobs. You'll get a happy supprise !!! Go Water Jet !!!

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